Monday, 6 September 2010

Vismig SWALLOWS at Shore Road, Carnforth - Mon 6th Sept 2010 1000hrs to 1200hrs

Vismig: Swallows at Shore Rd Carnforth - Monday 6th September 2010 

Couldnt get there early because of appointment, but did manage 1000hrs to 1200hrs.

Decided to check out Shore Road, Carnforth, and the Swallows were pouring through and still going through strong on leaving.

Continually going through East to East North East, because the winds were very strong and coming from the ESE at 21mph to gust at 39 mph the birds where very low, some as low as one metre from the ground, but most of them anywhere up to about 20 metre. They seemed to be coming around the coastline from the Bolton Le Sands direction and then curving round at the Keer and heading East to ENE. the largest single parties was 40.
Swallows: 695 birds in total over the 2 hours.Best parties: 40,37,32,30,25,25,25,27 Also
House Martins: 20 birds (3,10,2,5)
Meadow Pipits: 19 (mainly single birds, best party 4)
Linnet: 27 (one party at 8 and 15)
Pied Wagtail: 1
Pintail: 2 (estuary then South)
Greenfinch: 1
Lapwing: 1

40 blogging Starling party (prob local_
20 blogging Lapwing probably local.