Thursday, 30 August 2012

Autumn Gentians and Bird Movements starting.

Today I found some more Autumn Gentians on Hutton Roof. The top picture shows a beautiful flower, and the second plant which is "very light" has not yet opened, but would suspect that when it does it will have "white" flowers instead of the usual "magenta". The White flowers are very rare, but at this particular site there is older records of the variant. The bottom photo is showing another new plant ready to flower.

The Autumn Gentian is about the last in my flora year. Yesterday I went along to Silverdale to check out the Autumn Lady's Tresses, but none there, either they had gone over rapidly or they have just not flowered this year. So very soon now, days rather than weeks it will be back to the birding and checking out the visible migration over Hutton Roof.

Even today whilst traversing Hutton Roof, lots of birding activity was taking place. I had a passage Wheatear sat on top of the Trig Point, several small parties of Siskin moving South East, also had small parties of Swallows making their exit SE. A 30+ Meadow Pipit blogging party around the Trig Point, a 50+ blogging party of Goldfinch around the Trig Point, odd Greenfinch calling overhead. And two Ravens "cronking" whilst crossing over Hutton Roof.