Saturday, 25 August 2012

More Purple - BL Helliborines & Spotted Flys.

Above are more photos of the rare purple broad leaved helliborine found on Hutton Roof which I took yesterday.

Also whilst traversing through Lancelot Clarke Storth, at the clearing area a couple of hundred yards behind the "memorial seat", I was very privileged to watch for over 30 minutes a family party of at least 5 "Spotted Flycatchers", all calling very noisily throughout with their "tsee" contact calls and sounding not too dissimilar to a party of "Long Tailed Tits". They were constantly on the move flitting across to the bordering trees, with lots of acrobatics whilst catching their prey in mid flight. At one time all the birds were in the same tree.

Our local birds left in the middle to late July, so these birds are probably from far off lands and calling in to feed, before proceeding further on their nocturnal passage back to Africa. After checking my notes from last year I did also have a party of Spotted Flycatchers further across in Dalton on the following day last year the 25th. So its obviously a good time to catch these fabolous passage birds.