Saturday, 16 November 2013

Spindlewood, Autumn Leaves and a peeping Tawny Owl

"Spindle" is such a beautiful tree and instantly recognised with its "pink fruit capsules".

This shows the "bark pattern" of the Spindle Tree. (ignore the lower leaves shown here, they do not belong to this tree, the spindle leaves are to the top right)

I have found this regularly on limestone, especially on both Gait Barrows and Hutton Roof. The above specimen found on Thursday last in Lancelot Clark Storth.

Also a couple of photos here of the changing "Autumn Leaves" in Dalton Crags.
Photograph taken  14th November 2013 - Dalton Crags (from Nineteen trees approach)

Photograph taken 14th November 2013 - Dalton Crags (from Nineteen Trees approach)
And here is a photo from yesterday showing the beautiful "mossy stones" which are regularly discovered on some of our local limestone pavements (Hutton Roof).
I just can't get enough of these beautiful limestone covered mossy areas which tend to lie so secret in their dense hidden cover and as a rule are under the more mature of trees which offer them their shade and keep the area well watered. What a lovely shaded green furry mossy snugfit!! Can you see the tawny owl eyeballing the green polar bear?

Well what about this then, found yesterday whilst search through the dense cover of one of the pavements up on Hutton Roof, was this remnant of the Broad Leaved Helliborine, still well preserved from last July, and can only put it down purely to the cover it had with it being within a two foot deep gryke.

Still can't believe finding this on the 16th November 2013!