Friday, 1 November 2013

Visible Migration - from Friday November 1st 2013.

Guy Fawkes on top of bonfire.

Visible Bird Migration - Monday November 4th 2013. from Burton In Kendal. (St. James Way)

0800hrs to 1200hrs - Wind: NW: 10mph, 5c, 0% Cloud cover (blue skies), 19300m visability, 992mb pressure. First proper thick frost.  All movement SE unless stated.

Chaffinch: 223 (62W 161SE), Alba Wagtail: 2W, Woodpigeon: 97S, Redwing 55W, Starling: 13W, Pink Footed Goose: 60 S (one party).

Visible Bird Migration - Sunday November 3rd 2013. from Burton In Kendal. (Mike Taylors Fields)

0715hrs to 0815hours - Wind: Westerly 20mph, 6c, 75% Cloud cover, 17000m vis, 991mb pressure. All movement SE unless stated. Chaffinch still strong passage with over 200 in the hour. Also over 100 blogging Chaffs trying to get through West, with many attempts.  It seems strange that they will cut a 25mph Easterley to go East in one go, yet struggle with many attempts to cut a 20mph Westerley to go West.  Never been able to work that one out yet!.  All maize fields lifted yesterday, so only got trees and hedgerow cover now.

Chaffinch: 210 (89SE, 121W), and up to 100 blogging in the trees and hedgerows. Brambling 2 West with Chaffinches.  Starling: 30W (one party), Fieldfare: 2W, Woodpigeon: 4 South, Greenfinch: 2W with Chaffinches. 

Visible Bird Migration - Saturday November 2nd 2013.  from Burton In Kendal.  "Still lots of Chaffinches".

0715hrs to 0915hours- Wind: SE10-12mph and rising, 6c, 76% Cloud cover, 17700m visability and 995mb pressure.  All movement SE unless stated. Chaffinch still very strong passage, and still going strong on leaving.

Chaffinch: 508 (29W 479SE)  Goldfinch: 72 (6,2,18,10,10,20,6), Woodpigeon: 83S, Starlings: 142 (6 parties all SE), Fieldfare: 23 (SE), Redpoll: 21 (2 parties)

Visible Bird Migration - Friday November 1st 2013. from Burton In Kendal.

0700hrs to 0800hrs - Wind: 10mph SW, 8c, 40% cloud cover, 1900m visability, 1007mb pressure. All movement SE unless stated.  Chaffinch in really good numbers for one hour count.

Chaffinch: 289 (112SE 177W), Starling: 14W, Redwing: 37SW, Fieldfare: 2S, Woodpigeon 62S, Goldfinch 37E, Tree Sparrow: 2.

Whats happened to Shebbies and Fieldfares?
Each day I wait in anticipation for you,
to come over that hill in party after party after party.
A sight for sore eyes, if it happens,

For Fieldfare, (who travels across the fields),
for you the Rowan and Haws are in plenty,
Your trees have branches weighted down,
in readiness to fill your empty travelled bellies.

Shebbies in Lancashire, Starlings elsewhere,
You are late and eagerly awaited,
I am missing your tight squadrons,
like shooting straight bullets to the West.

Its still so mild in the Scandie's,
One chap has told us today,
His Waxwing's are leaving the berries alone,
Instead, their preference for insect fayre.