Friday, 22 November 2013

"The Face in the limestone"

The Face of a Mate,  Found this one a couple of days ago up on the Common of the Hutton Roof Crags. Not sure who he is, but a very interesting face.  Some good features there, can you make him out? 

I think this is the fungus called "Nostoc Commune" or (Star Jelly, Witches Butter, Mare's Eggs) and seen regularly on limestone.  This was on limestone on the Common this morning.

This is "Pollyholly", I just could not resist it, being in the close area... Holly Fern No.2 (Polystichum lonchitis)

Jelly on the plate!
No thanks……

The face of a mate!   
Dun know…….

And over there is Pollyholly!
Just couldn’t resist a photo……..

Heading up through Dalton Crags,
Fieldfare, Blackbird and Green Woodpecker.
Then up onto the Common, to check out,
The Spleenwort’s and the Polystichum’s,
And anything else up for grabs as well.

Nice pavements, gleaming clints in the sun,
Sloping well on North West to South East faults
Grykes not just fifteen foot but to twenty at least.
So dark down there I cannot see,
Were water runs to cascade thee.

The Hazel, Hawthorn and Ash are almost bare,
Giving you a far greater stare! Amongst it all.
Pavement strikes up in patchwork crazed,
From all around but mainly North or East.
So good a view to Hybrid Hill, that very special place,
Were Helliborine’s debate, not sure what they want to be.
July next will tell, and then we shall see.

Showing the deep gryke which is approx 20ft or so.