Thursday, 26 June 2014

Common Cudweed in North Lancashire

Common Cudweed in North Lancashire - 25th June 2014
With just one hour spare yesterday morning I decided to go in search of the rare "Common Cudweed" which I noted the other day whilst searching a old grown over sand and gravel pit in North Lancashire.  The County Recorder has requested further information on this rare species so that he can differentiate whether the ones I have recorded are Filago vulgaris or Filago minima, of which either are very rare in this area.

I was probably a little hasty in reporting that there was just one isolated plant, because on closer inspection I found numerous (scores in fact), along a stretch of some 40 yards by about 4 yard wide linear stretch. 

Just a few like the ones in the photo above actually reached 3" to 4" in height, certainly none have been higher to date.  But the majority will have been between about 1/2" and 3/4" with some oddities in so much that odd flowers are actually growing on top of another one has can be seen in some of my photos. 

I was also asked to count the "capitula" heads of the flowers and on average they numbered between 9 and 13.

It really is good to see such a large population.

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since writing the above it is now confirmed that the species are definately Filago vulgaris 1200hrs 26th June 2014.