Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cuckoo's last days

Its in it's last few days now before they make their perilous journey!
Wednesday 11th June 2014

Both "Cuckoo's" have been seen flying together in the past few days which can be a early indication to them getting prepared for leaving us to make their perilous journey back to Africa.  The local Dalton Crags Meadow Pipits and Tree Pipits won't know what to do with themselves once the Cuckoos have departed- because they wont be able to chase after the crafty Cuckoo anymore...

Well I have to say today was a eye opener, being in the company of Jeremy and Mike who are both biologist and naturalist!  gosh I must have learnt the Latin language ten times over whilst in their company and still can own up to knowing "nowt about it"  far too much to sink in for one day.  They knew the Mosses and the Liverworts and the Lichens, the bugs, the mollusc and top dogs on the flora as well with a Lecturer in geology thrown in for good measure. 

We did the visit to the fabulous "Holly Ferns" and the "Green Spleenwort Ferns" along with visits to a couple of the more spectacular limestone pavements, where I showed them the "super douper" black holes or the well runnelled depletions and the closeby most turbulent of "raging seas" as Dr Halliday once put it to me.

Lots of new species to me! but cannot list here until I receive the list from Mike, whilst at the same time grabbing my Latin Dictionary.