Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The rare Angular Solomon's Seal 2014

Angular Solomon's Seal on Hutton Roof
Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Whilst checking out flora's, fauna's and avifauna's on Hutton Roof I did manage to come across a excellent example of the rare "Angular Solomon's Seal" tucked away and well out of the way of any traditional search areas.

I have already checked out lots of ASS at established sites, but this year seemed so far to be a poor showing with fewer actual flowers, and the ones that did flower have been rather insipid or watery and translucent looking, so it was a real pleasure to be able to find a superb fine example today.  In fact I did find a couple of really good looking populations within a small selected area of Hutton Roof Common which lies at about 880ft above sea level.  Also these particular populations were partly sheltered in one case by close vegetation, and the ones in the photograph growing down a limestone gryke. 

Another photo of this fine plant
It looks really promising this year for the Broad Leaved Helliborines with some good early showings, and far more numerous that in usual years. After saying that the beautiful Dark Red Helliborines are very slow to show at the moment!

A lovely morning, once again being serenaded by a nearby Garden Warbler, and quite a lot of Redpoll about (up to 7 birds) calling with their "chum chum" calls which I took to be perhaps a couple of post breeding family parties. Also in recent days I've also noticed post breeding flocks of Linnets. 

The Cuckoo was heard calling in "fitz and startz" from a couple of areas over a 400 yard distance.  The local Tree Pipits this year are in really good numbers, with many of them singing and showing off with their fabulous "parachuting" displays, in fact the area may now be overspilling with them!  probably good news for the Cuckoo....

"Nature to the test,
Always at it's best,
I'm full of zest,
Neh bothered bout rest".

I have crossed the paths of many a Reynard this week - 

"I have crossed the path of many a Reynard this week"