Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Small Pearl Bordered Fritillery - Plus Yellowhammers etc etc etc.

My first of the year - Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary

Tuesday 23rd June 2015 - Hutton Roof Common (North Corner) 1330hrs to 1530hrs.

Chiffchaff calling at Rowley Copse whilst on the way up.

Managed to record two further Yellowhammers plus another one again which I had already recorded a couple of weeks ago.  All were easily identified by their pleasant call of "little bit of bread and no cheese".  All these birds are a bonus for me this year with being on new territory.

Had Linnets and also Redpoll calling, other than that just a single Willow Warbler.  Surprised because I generally have the odd Tree Pipit calling from around here.  But still although odd burst of sunshine at times there was that cold underlying chill.  It was also holding back the butterflies, with just a couple of Small Heath found and probably the best for me this year so far with a Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary resting up near some Birds Foot Trefoil (photo above). This is a area which supports scores of this species but sadly none seen on the wing!

Made lots more new records of Common Rock Rose, never known anything like this, with new populations springing up all over the place. Also noting some nice Dark Red Helliborines starting to come through. Most at about 6" with a drooping head at the moment.  Also checked out the Mossy Stones area and found my best population of Sanicle yet area of around 14 metre diameter with scores and scores of plants. 

Found another 4 Birds Foot Sedge Plants and noted the gps.  One of the plants was growing in a gryke about 2ft deep, nice one still got all its birds foot flowers yet.

Plenty of Common Rock Rose
The beautiful "wild" Guelder Rose