Monday, 1 June 2015

Start of June and still lots of rain!

Just to think it only seems like last week our Cuckoo's arrived, yet its almost one month now, and as a rule, most of our adult Cuckoos will be leaving us before the end of June to make their return trip to Africa. The young birds will follow on four to six weeks later, when they too will make the perilous journey and by their own instruction! well that "homing" skill must be built within that egg! because they know just which direction to go. Even when they get back to Africa sometimes they end up close to where the parent bird came from....

Monday 1st June 2015 - Walk around the Dalton Woodland Burial  0930hrs to 1100hrs

"So peaceful - a woodland walk"
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Always enjoy the peace and tranquillity offered here.  With lots of our feathered friends singing from all parts of the Woodland with favourites like the Blackbird, and the Song Thrush with its much wider repertoire. Always when I come here I am at some part of the walk pleasantly startled by a overhead Buzzard "mewing", so loud, so clear and probably resting on the large Scots Pine at the side of where I am stood.  I could just about hear the lovely Goldcrest which was somewhere about, but a call which can be so difficult to tune in with, its so quiet and high pitched that it can be so easily overlooked! then we had the noisy Jay doing its usual "scolding".  I never heard the Blackcaps today but I was able to listen to a Chiffchaff calling quite near to the entrance and it soon became clear that it was one of those birds which had the "Miss A Note" effect, and I was wondering if it could have been a relation to my regular "Miss A Note" from over at nearby Lancelot Clark Storth! I am sure there will be plenty of "Miss A Notes" around and why not be "original and different!"

"Squirrels spent cache?"
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Managed to find and record some more Herb Paris which is a sure indicator of ancient woodland, also lots of fine specimens of Bugle and Ground Ivy. Also a stranger! yes did not expect some large saxifrage growing on the verges of the lane of "Nineteen Trees" Not sure what variety they are, but would guess that they are a garden escape and I think I know where they may have come from!

Also lots of Male Ferns, Broad Buckler Ferns and Harts Tongue Ferns.

Other species recorded today were:  (Birds) Nuthatch, Robin, Dunnock, Chaffinch, Blue Tits (Flowers) Lords and Ladies (or Cuckoo Pint), Bluebells, Wood Sorrell, Herb Robert, Wild Strawberry, Dog Violet, Enchanters Nightshade, spent Primula.

1300hrs Nr. Kirbie Kendal School 

Found a new site for Ceterach (Rusty Back Fern) growing in the School boundary wall alongside the footpath and almost adjacent to the roundabout. Only a frond or two but still a nice record for the book!