Saturday, 18 July 2015

It's becoming more familiar to see Schmalhauseneii growing as twins or growing in tandem!

Been keeping a eye on this fellow now for three years and finally decided he warrants the title of Schmal No.18
(Click over photo to enlarge) Photo: 18th July 2015

I spent the morning checking out a few of the previous years maybe's and was delighted to be able to confirm a further 7 schmals to the list.  The first one I checked out was within 10ft to where No.4 had previously been and one I have been watching for three years.  I do know its not No.4 (died off this year) changed position because of the last years stems evidence.  I am now happy to confirm that this will be Schmal No.18 and of the (heavier/darker type of schmal).  Its growing to 24" high with a collossal amount of 55 flowers (some still buds at the top of the plume). Shows flowers circling all sides of the stem etc etc. (see photo above). Within two metres of what are now Schmal 19 and Schmal 20. Below are Schmals 19 and 20 which show plenty of flowers at 42 and 43. First I will show of how the plants were last year (3) and I was undecided then whether they met the criteria. (see photo below)

Three plants matured in 2014, but struggled to ever straighten up because of their sheer weight (photo: 2014 - decision deferred but classed as probable. Click over photo to enlarge)  Now see the 2015 photo below
And here we have the same plants one year on (photo: today 2015)

Today it was easier to make a decision and get around to naming them Schmal  19 and 20, the one on the left (19) has 43 flowers and the one on the right (20) has 42 flowers.

Moving on now and checking out two more twins (or nearly) twins!  thats the way a lot of the schmals are - growing side by side in almost identical pairs eg: We have it in Schmal 9 and 10, again in Schmal 11 and 12, again in Schmal 15 and 16, again in todays findings eg: What has now become Schmal 19 and 20, 21 and 22, 23 and 24, and finally for now 25 and 26. (thats seven sets of twins) So the evidence is growing that there could well be a paired relationship among most of the Schmals.

I did a quick check on Schmals 21 and 22 and 22 and 23, although I had checked on them a couple of days ago, these pairs have always been very vunerable and the good news is that the cages are doing a fine job.

Our beautiful Schmal No's 21 and 22 - note again the twins! well almost
One has 21 flowers the other 18 flowers (always been so feeble up to this year) the next photo is another pair which are about one metre away from the above. But there is much contrasting petal/sepal colouring between the pairs. (Click over to enlarge)

So here is the neighbours Schmal 23 and 24, far lighter specimens but live so close, check out the next photo and you will see what I mean. (Click over to enlarge)

And the final photo of these two pairs together just to show you the close distance between them.

So here we have Schmals 21 to 24 showing how close they are, yet showing a total difference in colour variation.

To finish for today I did also manage to find another pair which I too consider to be schmals and have named them No.25 and 26.  These were on a neighbouring pavement.  I cant find notes to say I have had these under surveillance but whats wrong with finding a new pair of twins! they certainly meet with most of the criteria.

Here are the "newbies" Schmal No's 25 and 26, just another handsome pair! (click over to enlarge
Just to show you that I can find other things as well as Schmalhauseneii, I have put a photo of a gone over rare Birds Foot Sedge (carex ornithopoda)

Birds Foot Sedge.