Friday, 10 July 2015

Last Nights Swift watch at Burton In Kendal.

This sketch is from yesterday evenings Swift activity with the red spots indicating observations of birds entering or leaving the nest sites. Please click over to enlarge

Thursday 9th July 2015 - Dalton Crags 1030-1130hrs

Pair of those noisy Typhoons overhead throughout.  I always thought the Tornadoes were bad, but listing to these monsters I dont know about that!

Went on the look out for more Montanum!  lots and lots of butterflies, today the best had to be my first of the year PAINTED LADY which settled on the track in front of me, but by the time I got my camera out it had flown.  Could this be a early sign of the "mass migration" which is expected anyday now with this species?  Also had scores of Ringlet, Large Skipper and a Small Tortoishell

Thursday 9th July 2015 - 2000hrs to 2115hrs "Observing Swift Activity along all sites off Main Street, Burton In Kendal.

As usual we met up at the Burton Memorial Hall and tonight's observers were: Reg, Jane, David and myself.  We must have timed it lucky for once because at long last a bird was seen to enter the gable end Cottage site, which is on the same block as the Post Office. Although this site has been used since 2013, we have not seen any birds this year up until tonight.

Tonight the general picture was very quiet with just a maximum of six birds being seen overhead in the skies at various times. And just occasionally a odd bird seem to come from nowhere with no sound and enter one of the outlined nest sites.

Moving on we spent some time at the front of the Royal and we where fortunate to see two further birds at intervals enter into two of the eave level sites on the front low elevation roof.  Also of note was that Reg actually observed a bird entering a old established site (but for the first time this year) to the right hand corner of the front low elevation.

From the Kings rear yard area we made observations from a distance of The Old Bakery large building which looked a ideal candidate for the Swifts.  We did see plenty of activity earlier above the building in a general fashion, yet we never managed to confirm any nest sites although we all agreed it was definately worth ten minutes checking out on a regular basis just to see if they where using it.

Not the warmest of nights with little insect activity, no swift screaming observed tonight. Little seen on low levels unless the birds where approaching or leaving nest sites other than that most birds were at a 75 to 100ft altitude on average.

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