Monday, 20 July 2015

STRAIGHT forward Dark Red Helliborines (20/7/15)

I guess we could call it the "Crown of Thorns" - Its the Carline Thistle found throughout our pavements (Click over photo to enlarge)
Today I checked out one of the smaller pavements were I did have a hybrid about four years ago but it disappeared a couple of years ago.  And all we have today are straight forward Dark Red Helliborines (Epipactis atrorubens).  Some nice straight specimens.

The pavement is on Hutton Roof and here is a photo showing one small corner, which has always borne fruitful with the Helliborines.  I would not be surprised if we do see hybrids again at sometime in the future, because besides good numbers of Dark Reds there are also quite a few Broad Leaved Helliborines.

Here we have a small corner tucked away on the pavement I was working today, always gets good straight atroruben specimens here.  I have taken a couple of photos next of the beauties. (Click over photo to enlarge)

Here below we have a couple of specimens which I had this morning. No large numbers involved here, but you usually do get up to 30 atrorubens and a couple of helliborines on this small section of pavement.

A nice specimen of Atrorubens which I had this morning.
Four nice specimens tucked away - good straight stalks
"50 Shades of Green" the best spot on HR for Sanicle (well it was during June)
So it was a very pleasant morning checking out lots of orchids, and also noted down a couple of Common Rock Rose Sites. Also some Squinancywort on the way up.

Also this morning had a feast of butterflies which included: Dark Green Fritillary, Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary (worn), Large Skipper, Ringlets (scores), Meadow Browns (scores), Speckled Woods, Common Blues and Small Heaths.

A party of 8 Swifts screaming and chasing after one another above and in between the buildings at Clawthorpe Hall.  Also had a party of 13 on their way South whilst down at Heysham at early doors.