Friday, 5 February 2016

Another one of the Gems of Hutton Roof - "SINK HOLES AND ANCIENT RUNNELS"

Dave Barker and I over on Newbigging - Farleton

It was great to get out and about again yesterday, and especially to finally meet up with Dave Barker who had joined me all the way from over in the "White Rose" County (Oxenhope).  Dave is another guy heavily involved with the Visible Bird Migration Studies and was one of the founder members of the Vismig Recording Group.  I have spoken regular with Dave for many years but never until today actually met him in person.

So it was great to actually show him the areas I use for my vismig counting here on both Farleton and Hutton Roof, whilst at the same time being able to show him the rare Holly Ferns together with Ceterach and other aspleniums, and a very special geological "Gem".

Birds today were a little quiet although we were treated to magnificient close up views of the Woodock over on Farleton and close to Newbigging. Obviously the bird had been flushed and took off nearby and circled directly above our heads with clear views of the bird.  Also the Green Woodpecker was heard yaffling away in the distance.  Its rather early for vismig and I did not expect to actually see or hear birds on the move, but it soon became apparent that we had several calls from Meadow Pipits which were grounded and put this down perhaps to the mild conditions.  In fact thinking about it I have also had odd single birds over on Hutton Roof during December and January which now I am thinking will have over wintered with us.

I knew I was in the right company for it to be well received and had in my mind prepared a "special treat" for Dave to check out a little gem of a pavement which we have on the Roof which has many "sink holes" and beautifully patterned runnells running throughout.  It was great to see someone specially enjoy these features and quote in his words "this has to be one of the special wonders of Cumbria" and yes I had to agree with him whole heartedly.

A couple of photos here showing that very special place. (photos taken back in September 2013)

The above three photos were taken during September 2013

And above is a photo taken on Wednesday Feb 3rd 2016 with Dave next to the large "Sink Hole"

Finding this well hidden pavement was such a surprise, and it
reminded me (and others) of a turbulent sea.  And so the little poem is about
leaving the Trig Point on Hutton Roof and giving the directions
in "nautical" to try and find that "Raging Sea". (9th Sept 2013)

"To find the Raging Sea with swirls and black holes and all,
Then leave the rig, and head Norwest, you must look starboard,
And follow below those white clints.
And soon you pass that bouy upon your port side,
Soon after, you steer port side and follow the rugged contour,
Clear the headland and on the swing around you enter,
That Secret sea of Raging grey with sinking Black Holes everywhere".

If you want to check out more photos of this little gem of a pavement then please click here (external photo hosting site)