Thursday, 18 February 2016

February's charactors may include Larks, Throstles and Shrikingly Good

Hazel = Dormice (or dormouse!)
One of the labels for my agenda this year
Last year seen in Hutton Roof village,
This year I will search out the great Lancelot,

The Lark has given a Valentine’s treat,
From high so high and sometimes out of sight
He’ll sing away with all his might, our dear SKY!
A name fit for Dalton’s annual first returning Lark

By the middle of February the Throstle will sing,
From the top of his highest tree he’ll bring,
“Wee hoo whit” and “Her Kleep Kleep” and,
A patchwork song fit for a King.

March 7th can be a very good date indeed!
A “shrikingly” good day according to records past
He’s already impaled my mind with brutal shots
Of haw larders full of “Butcher’s” past plots!

Searched and searched for a “Duke” no more,
Amongst Primula’s smiling sunshine faces,
Other fluttering fritillaries will take to the air,
In fast flittering flight to wander their fair…

On May’s first Sun, they will ascend the Crags,
To hopefully hear the first Cuckoo’s call,
It’s become a tradition from many years past,
To seek the Cuckoo’s syllabilic echoing call

18th February 2016