Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Resting Swans have not migrated just yet!

Had lunch today with the "Resting Swans"  (Please do allow your (migration) - sorry I meant imagination to wander if just for that short period! mine is not set in stone just yet, is it!) 

Slightly from another angle - taken on 27th June 2012 - note the front Swan the head and neck comes in from the left hand side compared to the above which is coming from the opposite direction.  A mirrored image must be ruled out because the Swan in the background is almost the same position in both photos - how could that have happened? WOW MYSTERIOUS YOU MIGHT SAY!

Reports for Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th February 2015 - Dalton, Hutton Roof Common and Lancelot - 

This cold spell certainly put paid to the Skylarks and Mipits, not seen any up on the Roof since the 15th, probably all gone back to the coast if truths known!

Even the Song Thrushes have quietened down a bit!  But just one still went for it with (over 10 minutes)

Hoo whit,
Wee woo, wee woo,
hoo whit, hoo whit,
chereek, chereek, chereek,
witty woo, witty whoo,
ker poo, ker poo,
weehi, weehi,
Trough eh, trough eh (fast and in trill)
(Part Curlew intro call),
hooit, hooit, hooit,
kitti-zay, kitti - zay

and lots lots more, but my shorthand today was very limited and he was singing a lot faster than I could write it down, so I will get some more hopefully over the next few days.

The regular pair of Stonechats are seen on both dates in the Dalton deforested (just higher than the line of trees but below Wheatear Plain and sometimes further up near the "Gully". Three Mistle Thrush also present in this area. One Green Woodpecker flew across towards the Cuckoo tree.

Look carefully at this photo and what can you see?

Fresh looking yet damaged "Aculeatum" from last year seen on Hard Shield Pavement 16th Feb 2016)
Also found what looks like evidence of Common Rock Rose and not far from the TRIG, but we will have to wait and see.