Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A new Lemon Petalled Atrorubens and a new Schmalhauseneii hybrid for today (12th July 2016).

Specimen 66 found today - Lemon Petalled with Green (Click over to enlarge)

Found this specimen today on Hutton Roof although it was very close to other Lemon Petalled with Green which I have only recently added to the register!  Its another beauty which stands at about 2ft and on the edge of a 10ft diameter Juniper bush

A nice pair of local atrorubens  (Click over to enlarge)
Always nice to photograph a standard atrorubens especially when it is at the side of a (Lemon Petalled - on the way).

Specimen No.67 just happens to be another Schmalhauseneii   (Click over to enlarge)
It was great to find this one today appearing out of a Juniper bush, but how on earth it escaped me in the past I will never know and its quite obvious its already in its 5th year (that longevity is also very interesting in itself).  Like many Schmals it could do with lessons in stem straightening!!  It shows its helliborine side with a good green stem and leaves, yet the atrorubens comes through in the colour of the flowers and also if you carefully check the base of the stem you will find the bottom 2" will also be purple as a rule.

There has been more today on the borderline, but for now its been a good day - I wonder just what tomorrow will bring?