Thursday, 21 July 2016

Epipactis Specials - all ooer bah shoutin! (21st July 2016)

Yes things are starting to quieten down now in relation to Atrorubens and although there is still some fine specimens waiting to greet you, I have reluctantly got to say that the best is over and we are on the down!  Yet before long it will be the turn of the larger Helliborines (but not just yet), well at least on Hutton Roof.

I have been out everyday but not had chance to do any blogging until now so I will try and catch up a bit!

Below are some of the specials from over the last month

Specimen 66 - The Lemon Petalled on Green (Click over to enlarge)
Specimen 66 - The Lemon Petalled on Green variant (Click over to enlarge)

Specimen 70 - Schmalhauseneii (Click over to enlarge)
Specimen 11a - going over but still beautiful - (Click over to enlarge)
Specimen 9a - So very very pale just like its dad and mum where back in 2014! (Click over to enlarge)

Havn't we had some belters this year, they kept getting better and better. but what about our incredible "first on English soil (or carboniferous limestone) the Epipactis atrorubens variant "albiflora" photo below:

and two more photos below kindly shared by Grahame Preston (Devon)

 Epipactis Atrorubens variant "Albiflora" (Photo: Grahame Preston)  Click over to enlarge

Epipactis Atrorubens variant "Albiflora" (Photo: Grahame Preston)  Click over to enlarge
and today I have had this rather unusual Epipactis

Click over to enlarge
Also today good to have bumped into a family party of at least five Marsh Tits, flitting about above me just like little Flycatchers.  Also today there were Dark Green Fritillaries, Grayling