Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Common Redstarts have now arrived

Common Redstart (Click over to enlarge)

Thursday 4th May 2017 (Polling Day) - Keswick and Derwentwater

Well she is still about and happily going about her business! - the unusually checkered Blackbird was seen in the Hope Park were last time (over a year ago) she was seen outside the Theatre. Thankfully this time I did have my camera and managed to capture her here:

(Checkered) Blackbird seen in Hope Park or near to the Theatre (Click over to enlarge)
Also lots of Blackcaps whilst travelling the walk alongside the Derwentwater, and I did manage to record several Garden Warblers at one spot.  It was again difficult to listen properly because of the strong winds interfering with "good listening".  I was hoping to have heard a WOOD WARBLER which would have made it just that little bit more exciting.  But I will soon hear him (I hope) when I do the Coffin route around Grasmere to Rydal and hopefully will pick up more of the beautiful Garden Warblers and bonus Redstarts as well. "Isn't life beautiful in the fast lane" (ha ha!!!)

A lovely view from Friars Crag (Click over to enlarge)
Spending regular time marching up and down our Main Street here in Burton In Kendal, hoping to witness the arrivals of our local SWIFT populations, but to press they are late (usually arrive on the 4th). I have just done my last check out at 0700hrs this morning (Friday 5th) and still no signs of the screaming beauties so far.


Wednesday 3rd May 2017 - Storth Woods, Dalton and also Dalton Crags 1045hrs to 1245hrs

Went in search of the Redstart which is in the lower section of Dalton Crags, but to be honest with you it was like a wind tunnel blowing at about 30 mph and just so noisy although I could just about make out a nearby Willow Warbler in song, but for now no Redstart.  Did record a new (for this year) Tree Pipit (Storth Wood edges - a regular spot for one of our breeders). Recorded a new Garden Warbler in Storth Woods below the Summer House, also very close by was the regular Blackcap calling. A (new to me) Blackcap calling from Nineteen Trees avenue just at one of the forestry entrances. And to finish off I had Alec's Blackcap calling from Dalton hamlet.

Also had a Brimstone butterfly and several Orange Tips, and odd Small Tortoiseshells.  Ground Ivy was now in flower and seen in several locations.


Tuesday 2nd May 2017 - Hutton Roof (Dalton, Lancelot, Burton, The Common - Reports via Robert Ashworth.

I have now just heard (1500hrs from Robert Ashworth over in Kendal) who has just returned from Hutton Roof having seen two REDSTARTS singing males - One in upper Dalton and the other one at the top of Lancelot.  It all ties in maybe a day or two earlier than normal. Also more TREE PIPITS recorded in Lancelot and Burton Fell. Additional GARDEN WARBLERS two singing in Lancelot and one singing in Burton Fell.  His bonus today was...... OSPREY which flew down the valley heading to the west towards Yealands

Must give another check over tomorrow of the West side REDSTART haunts.


For now here is that unmistakable call: (please click over arrow)

I am also told that this little beauty will be showing within the next 10 days, thats if it survives the attentions of the deer, rabbits, hares etc etc.......for now last years photo:

Early Purple Orchid - 12th May 2016 (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: kindly shared to us by Robert Ashworth