Friday, 5 May 2017

Swifts have returned (5th May 2017)

Swifts in Burton - with families at the Manor House, and the Royals from the old Royal Hotel, and another closeby
family in Cockin Yard  (Click over sketch to enlarge)

Here is my diary page for 19th May 2017 (Click over to enlarge)
We never did find out why the Swifts were so late in arriving (May 16th 2013)!

Tuesday 9th May 2017 - Dalton, Lancelot, Burton and Hutton Roof Common (odd reports kindly offered by Robert Ashworth (Kendal)

Confirmation of one C. Redstart seen and calling in upper Dalton Crags (site with history for Redstart). Cuckoo one on Dalton and another North of Burton Fell. 2 separate Red Admirals flying over The Common.  First Fly Orchid starting to flower in Lancelot

Tuesday 9th May 2017 - Lancaster Canal - area between Mosses and Holme Mill (1500hrs to 1700hrs

Good numbers of Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies and its really great to see they have finally made a come back after some ten years almost absent! a Orange Tip and several Speckled Woods. Also heard about three Blackcaps, four Chiffchaffs and a couple of Willow Warblers. Swallows and Martins hawking low over canal.

Had another new Sedge Warbler and was watching for 15 minutes within close proximity of say 20ft or so.  Always great to see and especially hear these lovely birds.  Here is another sample of his call for anyone interested please click over the arrow:

Tuesday 9th May 2017 - Dalton Crags and then over on the Dalton Hall Estate (0900hrs to 1300hrs)

Decided to check out the progress of the "Polygonatum odoratum" (Angular Solomon's Seal). The majority I checked out was about 3 weeks off although after saying that I actually did have a flower on one of the stems already (see photo below).

The position of the Odoratum today in Dalton Crags, at least three weeks off,
although one flower showing today. (Click over to enlarge)

Of interest today was another very special find, although it had been missed last year whilst checking out this particular area in Dalton Crags, because it was well hidden and protected down in the gryke.  It was a Scolly! (Harts Tongue Fern), ( but not just any old scolly, it was another one of the "special" CRISPUMS which have the "Queen Anne ruff fluted edges"  down both sides of the frond together with no "Sori" on the back of the frond.  I have already had it checked out by my friend the "fern man himself! - Alec who confirms that it is another special one - which we must keep a check on this year to see what the outcome will be.. (can't wait..) for now here are some photos.

Asplenium Scolopendrium from 2016 (Click over to enlarge)
Top) Shows full frond  - Middle) Shows the fluted "ruff" edges of the frond - Bottom shows the lack of sori on the rear
also did manage to confirm another breeding area for the Goldcrest in Dalton Crags.  At the moment I am still not getting any calls from our Dalton Crags Redstart and just not sure whether or not he has arrived, but I did cross over later on to the Dalton Hall Estate to check out the regular hotspots for the Redstarts, but only had one bird actually calling and this was from a new area. I am beginning to think we are still waiting for some of the birds to arrive.

Whilst over the other side did manage to check out the Herb Paris in Quarry Wood and one particular spot there is a population which measures at least 30ft diameter - here are some nice photos of them

Herb Paris on the Dalton Hall Estate (Click over to enlarge)

Monday 8th May 2017 - Main Street, Burton In Kendal

0930hrs  Only could see 3 birds today, and they were frightening to watch has they were almost touching the floor whilst following down the Main Street by only a couple of inches above the tarmac road and just has a car came in front of them they sort of went into a superquick vertical lift and over the car or wagon, but so dodgy to watch (shut eye and pray!) but they carried it out in a behaviour none other than a Swift could do!

Sunday 7th May 2017 - Canal - Burton In Kendal 1900-2000hrs

Had a Sedge Warbler in full song whilst on the Lancaster Canal between the Mosses and Tarn Lane.

Here is the fabulous call of the "Sedge Warbler" please click on arrow below (please make sure you have your speakers turned on)

Sunday 7th May 2017 - Main Street, Burton In Kendal

1200hrs - at least 15 Swifts now circling high above Main Street

1400hrs - 17 Swifts feeding high above the ARNSIDE Cricket Ground (Arnside Swifts)

Sunday 7th May 2017 -Main Street, Burton In Kendal and later Opposite Greenlands Farm on the Burton Road (A6070)

The Swifts are enjoying themselves this morning chasing one another around the Main Street.  Later I could hear a Common Redstart calling from the properties which lie between Greenlands Farm and the Priest Hutton Road. Did not have my gps but will soon go back soon and confirm position.

Please enjoy my sketch above which I did back in 2013 and was surprised to relize we did not that year get our Swifts back until the 16th of May - We never found out why they had been held up! because you can usually count on a 4th,5th or 6th of May arrival...

Saturday 6th May 2017 - Dalton Crags, Lancelot (CWT), Burton Fell

Can confirm also that I had two Cuckoos calling almost simultaneous from both Dalton Crags and another one far over at Burton Fell or beyond.  These two together with the one reported from over on the Park Wood side means we probably now have three different calling birds. Not much coming from the Redstarts seem very quiet!

Today was a pretty good flora day with first of the year for "Limestone Fern" and "Rigid Buckler Fern" (see photos), also a nice photo of the Common Milkwort and check out our old favourite the white Early Purple Orchid. And found for the first time on Burton Fell two clumps of the rare Birds Foot Sedge (Carex Ornithopodia).

Bugle (Click over to enlarge)
Wood Avens (Click over to enlarge)
Limestone Fern (Click over to enlarge)
Rigid Buckler Fern (Click over to enlarge)
Common Milkwort (Click over to enlarge)
Early Purple Orchids and Ant Hills - Lancelot (Click over to enlarge)
Early Purple Orchid (Click over to enlarge)
Our White Early Purple Orchid (Click over to enlarge)

All the above photos have been taken today (6th May 2017)

Saturday 6th May 2017 - Swift checks on Main Street

0900hrs - 6 Swifts high over Royal pub
1730hrs - 4 Swifts high over Royal and Kings
2000hrs - 10 Swifts high over Kings


Friday 5th May 2017 - Regular checks for SWIFTS on Main Street, Burton in Kendal.

1730hrs:  First arrivals with six Swifts hawking the skies above Main Street will have only just come back in within the last hours. Checked out at lunchtime and there were no birds in then.

CUCKOO Had a couple of reports now, of the return of another Cuckoo being heard calling over the Park Wood/Rakes side of Hutton Roof.  (Now two pairs on Hutton Roof).

Tonight Friday 5th May 2017 - Woodland Walk over at Park Wood for the Hutton Roof Village Community (arranged by Richard C)  1845hrs to 2100hrs

Recorded three Garden Warblers (2 of the regular sites) also a couple of singing Blackcap, Willow Warblers (several), Chiffchaff and all the more regular common birds.  Did not have the regular Common Redstarts so need to visit again to check them out, and maybe a little early for the Spotted Flycatchers.

It was very pleasing to see "Wood Avens" pretty much lining the route of our walk - never seen so many.

To have a listen at the Swift Click over the link below: