Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Finding beautiful Lady ferns whilst checking Scollies and more (12th June 2017)

Lady Ferns which I found in Dalton Crags today (Click over to enlarge)
Monday 12th June 2017 - Dalton Crags 0930hrs to 1100hrs 

The weather was well overcast all morning and constantly threatening rain which it actually did on my leaving at 1115hrs. These winds are with us everyday there does not seem to be any let up.

No birds calling at all today, really quiet throughout.  One butterfly but missed it, just saw it out of the corner of my eye.  So I guess it just had to be yet another day with the beautiful ferns.

I am keeping my eye on the young "Crispum" which looks like it might just develop into something really interesting.

Asplenium scolopendrium "Crispum" today 12th June 2017
Its only about 4" at the moment but coming on great.

Also checked out the new "Marginatum" fronds which always look good with there serated frond edging.

Asplenium scolopendrium "Marginatum" today 12th June 2017
They look really good and there are more within a metre or so.
Well it was great today to find a small colony (I say small but it was about 16ft x 12ft) of these beautiful Ferns (I can only think they are Lady Ferns, but there again I am told Lady ferns are not keen on Limestone and prefer boggy ground, so maybe I am wrong with my diagnosis so I guess I must check with my friend Alec just to make sure!) they are so beautiful how they taper down on the bottom side and most have the two finale drooping pinae. I have included a photo here of fronds and a collective photo of the colony can be seen as the header today (see above).

Are they Lady Ferns Ferns?
Here is a photo of my garden today which is the area going through Dalton Crags which is sort of built on escarpments, so you are dropping down over three separate levels.

Part of the beautiful "Dalton Crags" which was my garden today (Click over to enlarge)
Dropping down even further from how you see it in the above photograph is yet another level which is probably the best area on Hutton Roof for Hard Shield Ferns (Polystichum aculeatum) and some superb large specimens can be found.  One or two are also growing on these upper levels and here in the next photo it shows them.

Hard Shield Fern (Polystichum Aculeatum) Click over to enlarge.