Thursday, 15 June 2017

Helleborine probable Purpurea's variants and other stuff

Epipactis Schmalhausenii No.1 as featured today 15th June 2017 (Click over to enlarge)

Thursday 15th June 2017 - Checking out Orchids amongst other things on Hutton Roof  1300hrs to 1600hrs

Checking out some Helleborines today - Purpurea specimens - First to check was Purpurea No.17 which is also known to me as "Big Leaf" because it comes through every year and if not predated it is expected to show as a beautiful "Purpurea" specimen.  Here is a photo showing its progress today. You can see from this photo why its called "Big Leaf"

"Big Leaf" Helleborine - Purpurea No.17
This was a interesting fungi on a old log pile which I saw whilst on my way up to some orchids.

A couple of Montanum's now showing the flowerhead (Click over to enlarge)
Although the majority of Montanum's are not where near ready for flowering, these two which are at a record (for us) with a height of over 16" do already have their flowerheads and I can see them opening up in the next week to ten days.

One of today's Atrorubens - not long to go! (Click over to enlarge)
And to finish off what better than see Schmalhuasenii No.1 Hybrid now showing buds and could actually be flowering within the next week!

Schmalhausenii hybrid No.1 as today 15th June 2017