Sunday, 8 September 2019

Snippets of Wealth - Saturday 7th September 2019 - Hardy Orchid Society Meeting - Leeds

Jon Dunn and yours truly at the Hardy Orchid Society, Leeds

It was great to have been invited by Alan Gendle to be a guest at the Hardy Orchid Society meeting in Leeds and especially to meet up with one of my old friends Jon Dunn who a couple of years ago published the acclaimed work "Orchid Summer"

Jon not only did a presentation on his "Orchid Summer" which encompassed stories of plant hunters, truffles, missing links, obsession, intrigue, alien invaders and dogs testicles etc etc etc, but also later in the afternoon gave another excellent talk on his home patch Shetland entitled "The Orchids of Shetland" which was so interesting especially to hear of his continued searches to try and find the small white orchid on Shetland which so far have proved to be elusive. 

But of obvious special interest was when Jon enquired about Hutton Roof and wanting a run down of my orchid year up there. We discussed about the new "Pallens" finds, and one of his favourite subjects the "Westmorlandii" (E.phyllanthes) and all the interest this years Westmorlandii had aroused...

There were also presentations on Orchids in South Africa, Alan managing his fantastic reserve at Waitby Greenings (Cumbria), Charlie on growing orchids from seed.

A great day meeting up with some old friends who have come on visits to Hutton Roof over the years, and some who tell me they do intend to come in the future. 

If you fancy reading all about the Epipactis atrorubens and all the other goings on at Hutton Roof (Cumbria), and also other tales of Jon's visits covering the British Isles in his searches for these amazing orchids then this is the book for you.