Friday, 14 May 2010

Conishead Priory, Ulverston & Kadampa Buddhist Temple - Fri May 14th 2010

Today was something rather different.

I was a volunteer to be one of the escorts at my Grandchilds school trip and we visited the Conishead Priory, including the Kadampa Buddhist Temple built within the Priory grounds at Ulverston.

It was so beautiful, in fact it was stunning from the moment you entered the grounds you could see the bright golden rooflines, and roof artefacts all in gold materials to the outsides of the temple.

We took off our shoes at the entrance, and went in, and this was to be even more stunning with Massive Buddhist statues in front of you, and other beautiful significant artwork in the ceiling and also around the upper ceiling/wall edges. Make sure you Click here to check out the Buddhist temple website and see pictures of the statues etc etc... by clicking on the links to the right hand side of the website.....

There was also a beautiful forest walk within long mature woodland, which eventually lead us down to the shingle beach which overlooked Chapel Island in Morecambe Bay (William Wordsworth describing Chapel Island "As I advanced, all that I saw or felt, was gentleness and peace")...