Friday, 30 July 2010

Yealand Hall Allotment - Yealand Storrs - July 30th 2010

Today was a follow on from the 28th... I disturbed a Roe at the "northern end". But long before this I was checking out a limestone outcrop area which almost resembled a quarry edge, and here I had found some fungi (photo here but still to identify). But when I climbed the outcrop edge which was about 2 metres high, it lead upon a rugged limestone pavement, and immediately you where close to some fabulous examples of the Parasol Mushroom (see photos) and here they where about 12" high, with 1 1/4" stems and a mushroom head of say 5" diameter. Quite large, and very fresh, possibly they had only come up in the last few days.

Close to here there was White Stonecrop, Heather, Upright Hedge Parsley and also there where a succulent green leaved Wall Rue.(see photo below).. I guess also its good here for "Deer Ticks" because soon after arriving home I found to my horror three of the little blighters.

Further on and keeping strictly to the footpath it turned to my left and again here I picked up some fabulous specimens of Parasol Mushrooms, there where two which where about 10" in diameter (see phots) and again only a day or two old.

The photos are: top left: Looking out from Yealand Hall Allottment towards Leighton Moss. top right: some unidentified fungi. Middle left: Unidentified succulent flower or liverwort. Middle right: Parasol Mushroom with hooded 5" diameter hooded cap 12" high. 3rd Row left: Parasol with hooded cap in situ near Yew tree. 3rd row middle: Another example of Parasol Mushroom, but this time with flat head of about 10" wide and showing £1 coin in comparison. 3rd row right: Another example in full of the Parasol Mushroom with flat head 10" wide. and finally the bottom photo: is of lichen or mosses. (Please click over photo once to enlarge, and then click over again for full enlargement).