Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sun Nov 7th 2010 - Hutton Roof, Cumbria.

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Sun Nov 7th 2010 - Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
Wind: Easterly 5-8mph

Reed Bunting: 2SW
Chaffinch: 204 (95North East, the rest South West) (best: 10,5)
Fieldfare: 405: devided between going SW and NE. (Again no movement with Thrushes today, probably just local ex roost moves.)
Redwing: 14 (one party 12 NE)
Siskin: 9 SW (singles or pairs)
Alba Wagtail: 1SW
Brambling 4SW (2,2)
Woodpigeon: 120 mainly SW (best 40,20)
Redpoll 2SW
Greenfinch: 18 (5SW all others NE)
Goldfinch: 2NE
Skylark: 1N
Meadow Pipit: 6 (2NE all others SW)
Bullfinch: 4NE
Starling: 60W at 0930hrs. also about (5,000 ex roost to NE)

Also had two Woodcock on way up, one caught in side of road just past Rowley Copse and then another flew past me only yards further on. The must have come in on last nights full moon.