Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Vismig - Tuesday November 2nd 2010 - Hutton Roof, Cumbria

Tuesday Nov 2nd 2010 - Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
Wind: W 25-35mph
Fine for 30mins and then heavy rain.

Chaffinch still coming through strong even against the wind. Even the Crow/Jackdaw ex roost where flattened and literally using all gullies and troughs and probably only inches from the ground as they went W into the wind. Had to retire early because of not only strong winds but also heavy rains.

Blackbird: 2
Chaffinch: 32W (best 10)
Redwing: 3W
Fieldfare: 11SW (one party 10).

PS: My thanks to Chris Taylforth and Dave the Gardener for kindly monitoring any Fieldfare build up in the upper Lyth Valley.