Monday, 4 April 2011

GG Shrike & Willow Warbler Arrivals.

(Please click on sketch to enlarge and then click again if required to supersize, also same applies to photos etc).

Great Grey Shrike was a long way from its normal spots (some 400 yards). It was only that I was walking up from Burton Fell into Lancelot, or I would have missed it. Shortly after leaving Burton Fell and crossing into Lancelot Clark Storth it was there on the tree in front of me, but soon left and went off to the left hand side. I carried on up towards the Trig and also checked out all the Dalton (deforested) areas, but no Shrike was seen again.

On way up had "trilling" Nuthatch near Pickles Wood and the female was seen going in and out of its nest hole at 3 minute intervals (see blurred photo), but on returning past here 2hrs later, and checking out, it was so strange but to see a Great Tit, messing about near the entrance to the hole!! really strange. Also had a new arrival (and first for me) of two singing Willow Warblers at the bottom of Burton Fell, along with 3 Chiffchaffs, several Goldcrest, and a couple of trilling Treecreepers. The area where I had the Willow Warblers is exactly the same spot as where I suspected I had one on March 30th 2011. Also had another Willow Warbler singing on Lancelot.

Also: Wood Sorrell on Slape Lane along with Dandelion

Also on way up noticed this stone near to the side of the gates at the entrance to Burton Fell (Slape Lane End) and it really does remind me very much of the "Coffin Stones" which you see in Grasmere/Rydal areas!! I wonder what this was used for?