Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Marble Quarry - Beetham Park Woodlands yesterday, and Dalton and more Warblers.

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Yesterdays walk from Beetham Caravan Park across the road and into the Marble Quarry, Beetham Park Areas. Had a nice variety of Fauna and Flora.....(From my notebook)

Today Tuesday April 26th 2011 (from 0845hrs to 1100hrs), checked out more of the pathways in Dalton Crags and located another Garden Warbler and a couple more Willow Warblers. Also a Tree Pipit was singing about 150 yards down the lane from the Charcoal Burners. Whether this is new or just moved across, time will tell. Several Bullfinch calling and more Goldcrest calling, plus another Blackcap, and a suspected Wood Warbler.