Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lancelot Clark Storth & Burton Fell (Sat Apr 30th 2011)

Saturday April 30th 2011 - Slape Lane and various parts of Lancelot Clark Storth & Burton Fell - Areas I have not checked out before.
Noticed on the way up Slape that Red Campion was out in force together with lots of Dogs Mercury, Speckled Wood Butterflies plentiful throughout, Green Veined and Orange Tip Butterflies and also Peacocks. Partridge could be heard from the Curwen Seat on Slape. Just before reaching the seat you pass a beautiful "Bluebell Wood" in full bloom (see photo)

On Lancelot Clark Storth, I had Angular Solomons Seal, Herb Paris, Woodruff, lots of Early Purple Orchids, Birds -Foot-Trefoil, also Brimstone Butterflies.

Found very old cleaned skull of roebuck, very small with maybe only a inch or so between antler stubs.

Also Bullfinch Piping, Willow Warblers, Chiffchaff and Blackcap could be heard closeby.

On higher Burton Fell as you come to the clearing, and turn left I found scores of superb Early Purple Orchids. Also closeby was lots of Common Milkwort both in the lovely blue colour and also lots of the white colours. Tormentil was growing on the Fell sides. Also another Brimstone Butterfly.

On way down Slape Lane I had a Holly Blue Butterfly.

Please click over photos to enlarge: Below top) Woodruff, 2nd down) Herb Paris, 3rd down) Common Milkwort (White) and bottom) Common Milkwort (Blue)