Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Smart *** Is Having a day with the Bird Ringer

Smart *** is having a day with the Ringer.

Smart *** is out and about yet again.
He’s decided to have a day with the Bird Ringer.
Ringer has caught a bird in his mist nets
Soon a inquisitive crowd has gathered around him,

One of the onlookers is guess who? Yes its Smart ***
He starts to take over and advises the gathered crowd,
“Do you know how to tell the difference between,
A Willow Warbler and a Chiffchaff in the field”
Well its easy when you know how!
Just take note of the leg colour, if it’s a pinkish yellow,
It will be a Willow Warbler and if the legs are blackish,
It will be a Chiffchaff.

So Smart *** says to everyone “ So here we are we have
Got a lovely condition Willow Warbler.” And then goes on to brag,
“its pretty good when you know your stuff when it comes to birds”.

Within seconds the ringer releases the “Willow Warbler”,
Which quickly shot off and ascended on a nearby tree not far away.
And to everyone’s amazement the bird started to sing.
“Chiff-Chaff-Chitty”, Chiff Chaff Chitty.

Talk about a red faced “Smart ***

18th September 2012.