Monday, 5 July 2010

Ambleside - Kirkstone Pass - Kirkstone - Ambleside - July 5th 2010

Had a walk of about 7/8 miles of 4 hours duration. From Ambleside to right hand side of Red Lion up to Stock Ghyll Force (see photos - a favourite place of Wordsworth), onward and upward through the Kirkstone Pass, to the Inn and had light refreshment (a cup of tea and crisp), and then a little further on to the actual "Kirkstone" which stands proud and the place where you capture Ullswater far down in the bottom.

Birds: Spotted Flycatcher at Stock Ghyll, then several Wheatear (all female or juvenile with brown plumage) throughout walk through Kirkstone Pass, Swallows, Swifts, Tree Pipits and Meadow Pipits, and also a interesting large party of 15 Pied Wagtails at collective feeding points. Willow Warblers quite high up the valley.

Also: Chimney Sweeper Moth, Meadow Brown Butterflies. Flora: My first showing of several Betony flowers and also Harebells above Stock Ghyll, also Foxglove, Meadowsweet, Forget Me Nots and Speedwells, Clovers - both red and white, Stitchworts and Bedstraws.

The photos are: Top l,r and centre left are Stock Ghyll Force. Centre right: Kirkstone Pass, Bottom Left is: Kirkstone Pass Inn, and Bottom right is: The Kirk Stone. To enlarge the photo, click over it, and if you want full enlargement, click over it again.