Thursday, 15 July 2010

Park Wood at Hutton Roof - July 15th 2010.

I had only been walking for 10 minutes and the heavens opened, but did manage to shelter some 75% under mature woodland. I decided on this area with the main purpose to try and locate the Dark Red Helliborine Orchid.

Had the following flora species: Enchanted Nightshade, Hedge Woundwort, Betony, Meadowsweet, Eyebright, Self Heal, Creeping Buttercup, Changing Forget Me Not, Red Campion, White Clover, Herb Robert, you could still smell the long gone spent "Ramsons" with their familiar garlic smell! also leading up to the woodland there was Groundsel and Scentless Mayweed.

On leaving the woodland and heading towards the scree slopes of Hutton Roof, I also had Harebell, Wild Thyme, Ladys Bedstraw, Lesser Meadow Rue, and several Small Scabious, and for me the star attraction had to be the Dark Red Helliborine of which there was four within a four metre diameter, but then I found another flower some 20 yards away in a north west direction.

Also whilst here it was lovely to hear the crystal clear beautiful call of the Yellowhammer, which was coming from three separate birds in close proximity over about 100 yards, I did presume this could be a family party. There was also Redpoll calling.