Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chiffchaff & Variant calls - used by others as well.

0545hrs - 0700hrs. I was about to say how quiet it was this morning. Far from quiet with every Blackbird in the village singing along with all its allies.

0915hrs - 1030hrs. From Plain Quarry, Dalton to the Trig Point on Hutton Roof. Another Chiffchaff has arrived at Dalton quite near to the Quarry, so this morning it was one singing to one side (west) and one singing on other side (east). The calls this morning where the usual "chiff, chaff, chitty" . Yesterday it was early afternoon, and the bird present was doing its "huwheet" call. When you do hear this call you do have to hang around a little, because its also the same call as what the "Willow Warbler" may also use. But usually I've noticed that the Willow Warbler does not use the call much until its well into its breeding and then it may use the usual descending syllable call but usually by then (late breeding season) very much broken, or it will use its soft "huwhit" call. Also passage birds going back usually use this "huwhit" call also. Also Chaffinch use it, but to save confusion when the Chaffinch use it, they spoil it by adding other calls with it. Also the Redstart has that similar "huwhit" call.

A few Redpoll going over NW, only about 6 Meadow Pipits, 1 Linnet (presumed local - HR).

1830hrs: 2 Chiffchaffs calling from Thrang/ White Moss Areas also Toothwort this year instead of two sprigs as 9 to press.