Monday, 5 March 2012

No Birds! and very eerie.....on Hutton Roof today

Hutton Roof was devoid of Birds and very, very eerie!!

Today I can honestly say I have never known it so quiet!
The areas of Upper Dalton and the Trig Point seemed totally devoid of birds.
Absolute silence, peaceful, in fact far too peaceful and very eerie.

There had been a overnight frost, which had cleared early hours, and when
Daylight appeared it was clear skies with just the odd white fluffy cloud.
I would have thought the skies would have been bustling with bird movement,
But no, just nothing, and that’s what went on and on for the next few hours.
Words are difficult here, but certainly, weird, strange, unusual would fit the bill.

Skylarks should be seen on the move, in singles, pairs or little parties,
Meadow Pipits, are regular as well, and heard with their “pseet” calls, but not today.

Not just the overhead movers, but where’s the resident singing Skylarks as well?
Nothing – but why ? they have been back on territory now for a day or two,
Yesterday they could be heard singing their little hearts out.

Up here when all else fails you do expect to hear the Ravens and the Buzzards!
With the Ravens “honking” as they cross and do their aerial summersaults, and
The Buzzards also are teaming up and you never fail to hear their “pee-ew” calls.
But today got none of that either.

I know they don’t like it bright, that’s for sure, the wind was quite calm, with just the odd occasional wind flurry, it was nice and dry and quite warm.
Everything seemed to fit the bill for a good day. But it just did not happen.

When you just don’t understand it and probably never will.
Why not blame the “atmospherics of it all”.