Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Just a quick diary catch up....Still no GGS

Still no Great Grey Shrike on Hutton Roof. I have been checking HR out everyday for at least two weeks, yet still no arrival up to today. Mainly I have checked out all Dalton upper, and the Common going East to the scree areas and to the South down the Crags heading towards the rear of Crag House. The only areas escaping daily observation are Lancelot and Burton Fell, which the GGS has been known to occasionally appear. Although I am also checking these areas every other day. It has been noted that a GGS has arrived back near Longridge Fell and been present now there for at least 2 days.

Meadow Pipits still very slow, with just 4 birds passing through over two hours, although there were at least 9 blogging Mipits on Dalton (upper). And of note was a probable 3 pairs setting out territory on the Common quite close to the Trig, and another pair which where already holding territory behind Crag House and showing parachuting displays to ward off other approaching Mipits. Had at least 3 Skylark still going directly through on passage and at least two pairs back on territory and singing.
Also, one Stonechat on the Common, 2 Long Tailed Tits and Green Woodpecker on the Common and a couple of singles overflying Redpoll to the West.

Of note was again Curlew going through calling early on this morning eg: 0615 and again at 06.30hrs whilst flying over Burton in a South South Westerley direction. This compares well with last year when I started to notice calling Curlews coming over with a party of about 20 noisy birds which again were heading in the same direction and on checking the date for comparison it was the March 8th 2011. I wonder if some sort of movement is taking place, but if this is the case why would they be going in a SSW.

Also of much interest for me was to see a party of 10 Linnet crossing over Burton Fell at about 1100hrs in a South direction on 29th February 2012, and then again to see two further parties of Linnet one of 8 and another of 12 which passed over the Common from the Kelker direction with about 20 minutes between at around the noon period on the 2nd March 2012. Still no satisfactory suggestions for why these birds where moving South at this time.

Odd places on HR showing the flower of Rue Leaved Saxifrage, also noted was good 4" diameter leaf rosettes of the "Early Purple Orchid" in various places.

Some stories to post about recent experiences on Hutton Roof over the next couple of days.

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