Monday, 2 July 2012

Albino "Wild Thyme" is back again in Dalton.

Sunday 1st July 2012.
Went up Lancelot checking out more Epipactis. Also noticed that on the way down two separate colonies of "Ringlet" butterflies had hatched. One of the colonies I had seen last year, but found a new one for the records.
Monday 2nd July 2012

(0900hrs-1200hrs) Set off from Plain Quarry, just one Willow Warbler and one Blackcap singing. Went up through Dalton deforested and made my way across to see if the rare "White Specimen" of Wild Thyme had actually come up again this year. Sure enough it has come through again, on one of the smaller "anthills".

Then went over into Lancelot and straight away found some old Angular Solomons Seal, dont know how I could have missed this before, I had walked on this footpath hundreds of times, anyway I certainly wont miss it again (co-ordinances noted). Also I did find some more ASS after checking out a new area to me in the upper Lancelot area. Found more and more Limestone Polypody, more Hairy Rockcress, a very large area covered with "Fairy Flax", Another new "Bittercress" site.

Found some more naturally decorated erractic stones here and there, much adorned with various coloured "lichens". Also another natural "limestone sculpture" which I think could well represent the head of a "Seagull" in fact a "Herring Gull" is about right!

Also on way took photo of a "feeding" Common Blue Butterfly.