Wednesday, 4 July 2012

At long last a "Butterfly Day" at Dalton and Hutton Roof

(Photos: 1) Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary - reasonably fresh - 2) SPB Frit - Underside 3) SPB Frit on Wild Thyme mid worn 4) Another lichen decorated "Erratic" 5) Maiden Pink Flower 6) Spring Sandwort, Eyebright and Tyme on a large Anthill on the Common.
Yesterday Tuesday 3rd July 2012. It was more of a “Butterfly Day”.
Started at Plain Quarry and headed up on to the Common, again checking out Helliborines and Ferns etc.

Especially on the Common there were lots of Dark Green Fritillaries, Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries. Also the odd Common Blue. A number of Ringlets where seen both in the Dalton deforested, and quite a lot within Plain Quarry picnic area. The Ringlets seem to be doing well this year and have now been recorded in all their usual areas which I have previously recorded. I am told that this species only colonized this area in more recent years so its great news.. And it was also nice to see my first Grayling of the year on the Quarry face. As usual there were also many Speckled Woods in the more shady areas. Also still lots of Small Heaths in the Dalton Area throughout.

Maiden Pink is now beginning to flower in Plain Quarry along with a spectacular array of other wild flowers.