Friday, 27 July 2012

Swifts fly high within our Sky....

For over a week now, Swifts have been leaving our shores in their thousands.
Which for most of us would be at least two weeks earlier than usual.
I always reckon May 4th in and August 4th out.
Is it any wonder they are going early with the weather we’ve had!!

The young seem strong now so why feed here where its raining,
They might has well move down further South and get the spoils,
Of warmer weather, and more plentiful feed.
Why stay in dismal with a larder half full.
When they can be in bright and have a larder full.

I’m picturing them Swifts flying high in the sky,
Twenty four hours a day, they on the wing,
Just flying, flying away, all night long.
With one eye open to watch their path
And one eye closed to get their nap.


Our Swifts are still here and still screeching away.
Well they were this morning at six-oclock,
High in the skies over our beloved Burton.
There must have been at least fifteen,
Could have been more, but that’s what I counted.
So for me I would call that a fair breeding year.
Without problems, as I saw it.

Its sunshining today, now what did I say!
Sunshine is a rare commodity this year.
But the birds are telling us they are enjoying their day,
So why shouldn’t I.

(Written at 0730hrs 27th July 2012.)