Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dark Red Helliborine possible "Hybrid" ?

Its good to be back in the saddle!

Yesterday Wednesday 11th July 2012.

Went up to Lancelot, via Pickles Wood and up through the "Cowpens" to Limestone Pavement 3 and 3a. Spent most of the morning mapping "Dark Red Helliborines". They have come through now and are starting to look really good. So dark a red in most cases. There taking a good photo now but I bet another week it will be even better. To make my surveys extra worthwhile I also record other stuff as well like Angular Solomon's Seal and Lily of the Valley, and Limestone Polypody Fern (rare nationally, but good amounts locally), some of this other stuff is well past its best date, but just the evidence of the site alone makes it a more comprehensive overhall picture.

I had Large Skippers, Red Admirals, lots of fresh hatching Meadow Browns, and Ringlets.... Wow, they just were just something else. Whilst traversing the rides I had literally scores, in fact I would probably say in excess of one hundred. To say they had not go hold here only a few years ago! You just wouldnt have believed it! I did take a few photos, but managed to get one actually mating (see above).

Still looking out for that "Spotted Flycatcher", I was told was about, but spending ten minutes or more checking it out without any joy as yet. But try again we will, very soon.

Noisy, you can say that again! for such a small bird,

"Little Jenny Wren, was throwing a benn - i,

and I asked her why? Just then lots of "little Jennies" starting throwing bennies at both sides of the track. I realized why she was annoyed and quickly made my passage. Soon turning round and listening back, and all was quiet once more"........

Today - Thursday 12th July 2012.

Went from Plain Quarry, up through Dalton and over into Lancelot, where I checked out the Pavement near to the BAP seat. As usual times beat me, but did manage to check out at least 50% of the pavement, and 50% hopefully left for yet another day.

On my way first of all had Chiffchaff "Craigy, singing away from the Car Park area, also had a pair of Crossbills heading North West, and calling "chip chip" very noisely as they do. Two Ravens cronking from the "Cuckoo Tree". No calls from Sky (the lark), or any of the Tree Pipits or the Mipits, really quiet in that respect.

Absolutely lots and lots of Dark Green Fritillaries, everywhere, also Common Blues, Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Speckled Woods, but no "Grayling" on this pavement, although there everywhere else to find.

I have posted a photo of one of the Dark Red Helliborines I found today and I do think it could well be a "hybrid". Theres a few of them about like this, notice the strong, thickness and the flowers going around the stem, instead of one side, also the leaf structure seems different! I wonder if they have bred with "Broad Leaved Helliborines" which also frequest the same areas? I have "requested further information" so if I get a positive result I will post on here later.