Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Orchid Paradise - June 18th 2011

A Orchid Paradise.. June 18th 2011.

Striking wild borders of colour now graced this once thriving.
Sand and gravel pit, with Ox Eyed Daisies, Red Campion,
And much to my delight little party groups of Wild Pansies,
Woundworts, Ragged Robin and Teasels, at this sacred Acre.
Sedge Warblers cracked up with their scratchy, rachety, calls
They came from within the Phragmites which lay to the West.
Oh how I had wanted to hear these special these little birds.

I suppose it can be called a “wet flush area” forever dampish,
Mossy, boggy, with lovely orchids trying to peer above the many horsetails,
There are Bees, Pyramidal, Northern Marsh, Southern Marsh and Common Spotted,
All wanting a piece of the action, whilst trying to fight off the encroaching
Willow trees, or the maurauding Silverweed or the array of horsetails.
The Marsh Orchids have almost gone past their best today,
The beautiful Common Spotted are showing more by the day, and soon,
There will be hundreds of thousands at this very special site….including,
That rare “Pyramidal”. Can’t wait……..
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