Monday, 20 June 2011

"All Shades of Blue as I look West"....

“All Shades of blue, as I look West.
Where sea and sky do meet.
High up on here, this Ancient Crag,
Where lizards play on Kingdom's seat.”


The sunniest of days with deep blue skies,
Fluttering butterflies survey these terraces,
Admirals, Torts, Blues, Fritillaries, Heaths and Skippers,
And, that special one the Northern Brown Argus….

The limestone shelves are spotted yellow with,
Vivid Rock Rose, Birds Foot Trefoil, and Dandelions,
Stonecrops, Agrimony, Hop Trefoil and Ladys Bedstraw.
With added colour from Clovers Red and White,
Woundworts, Herb Robert, Thyme and Self Heal.
Ox-eyes, Eyebrights, Speedwells and Salad Burnet.

Bullfinches, piping their seranade goes on and on,
Whilst Lesser Whitethroat and Blackcaps Warble,
Just one Willow Warbler in song nowadays, yet
Cousins Chiffchaffs, still sing, so regular a tune.
Greenfinch and Goldfinch make their presence known.

I looked all over for Slow Worms, but none today,
Though Grasshoppers and Crickets are clicking merrily away.
So beautiful a sight as you look West over the Bay.

And here is some of todays photos, please click to enlarge and click again to supersize.