Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Silverdale to Jack Scout (June 23rd 2011)

Silverdale to Jack Scout (June 23rd 2011) (belated)

Windswept trees, saluting to their right,
Glassworts stand, like miniature asparagus,
Peering out of this muddy sand, just here.
Thrift gone rusty and now well spent.
Closeby, Foxgloves large, pinkish purple and white,
Look so colourful from here as the sun beams down on them.
Climbing over mossy boulders, all shapes and sizes,
Eventually heading up to sit on the “Giant’s Seat”
And to watch over the bay in stir and glee…..

Nowt plain about Plain Quarry, tha nus!
(June 24th 2011) belated

To the old Plain Quarry car park at Dalton,
To call on the good “Maiden Pink,”
Its sometime now since I saw you last,
Its time to come and give you a wink!

Still looking for that “Self Heal” special,
It first made its mark in Dalton,
Its white, and far different and never been seen,
Since last time, two centuries been…

Another special in this prime spot,
A place its rightly made it’s plot,
It looks straight down from its crag above,
And its called the Fairy Foxglove.