Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Evening Stroll at the Moss

A Evening Stroll at the Moss (June 22nd2011)

No Beards, nor Cettis or Otters play,
Whilst traversing down the main causeway.
Several Sedges, scratching musically away,
And making sure that they got their say!
Great Blacks where seen at their nest,
Has noisy as ever, and louder than the rest.
Had to be watched closely, by all the others,
Already giving nightmares to the wary mothers.

This paths been trod many times afore,
To watch the Woodcocks rode and pitch!
“Kwa, Kwa, - Tisiwit, is what was said,
at just the time before I headed home to bed.
No more I see or hear, at this spot,
Be hopes they’ve found another plot,
Not far away from here,

A Grebe was seen to catch a fish,
So big it would have filled a dish,
It wriggled about, whilst in its bill,
For what seemed ages, until!
The fish leaped high into the sky,
Whilst probably saying its goodbye,
The Grebe searched hastily for what it had lost,
At the end of the day it will be counting the cost.

A dyke that runs along the back,
A haven for Frogs,Toads, and Sticklebacks.
The little fishes where swimming past,
While skaters above them did their task.
And beetles sent bubbles from bottom to top,
Last year, near here! there was many a stop,
Whilst baby frogs, crossed by.

The best year yet for the Orchids show,
They’re in every ditch and cranny,
Some lilac, some pink, and the odd one white,
All making it such, a special sight.
Not to be outdone, there where others too,
With Figwort, Ragged Robin and Bittersweet,
Yellow Rattle, Bugle and Meadowsweet,

Such a pleasant view…………..