Tuesday, 14 June 2011

"Pearl Bordered With A Difference"

“Pearl Bordered with a difference”
(Slape Lane and Lancelot (Hutton Roof-Cumbria) – June 14th 2011 1000hrs-1330hrs).

Hedge Woundwort is showing proud,
Whilst fighting your way thro hoards of dancing flies.
Young Tits and Robins can be heard with weak “Tit” calls,
Its long gone, those lost avian introductory “shouting” calls.

The Apple tree is weighted down with crab,
Oval green, with shape (more like plums) with a red spot,
Soon will provide the aroma to intoxify the air of strong apple,
When they will have fallen by hundreds and pulped underfoot.
More tits, here, there and everywhere, with just a,
Finch “bleat” in between them.

Blackbird alarm calling while crossing my path within one foot!,
Attracted to the footpath verge, some grasses of difference,
Like a weeping willow, bent over, lovely green with 3 or 4 seed husk per stem!
I can hear you Mr. Willow Warbler, your so quiet now, with just a low “whit” call.

Marsh Tits around here, definitely young birds
enjoying their newborn freedom, but being kept in check.
Dog Rose flowers looking straight with stare,
Showing some inviting grace, within their pinky face.

Large Skipper checks out the Trefoil beneath my feet,
Another joins in and off they go tusselling one another in flight,
Are they fighting or are they courting?
Now more Skippers, but feeding on deep rich red Clover,
Nearby is this large limestone boulder with dimples,
One of the dimples is filled with water, like a bird bath!

Near Pickles, the field is uncut just like it should be, and
How they always used to be,
Its neighbour a small patch full of nettles and Buttercups.
The Red Dock shows its best here, with clumps and clumps
Of majestic blue marked “Speedwells”
Yet not to be outdone the White Clover host its bumblebee.

Chiffchaff calling with “half its steam”,
Two Buzzards display above my head, so quiet,
And aeriel display of excellence!
At last a Blackcap’s speedily “warbling” to catch up.
Speckled Wood’s are everywhere, you know its their glade.
They parade just like roding “Woodcock” on this Woodcocks path.

Now it’s the turn of the Garden Warbler, so sweet its song,
So quick its call, not to be outdone by any “Blackcap”.
So musky a smell of recent fox gone past.
Betony is on its way and holding to the drives.
Lacewing, greeny blue yet almost transparent,
Hugs the stem and then searches around like a fairy treat.
And more Large Skippers take to the air.
And perhaps over fifty, yes fifty Pearl Bordered Frits.
Common Blues, both blue males and brown females,
Tackle the Trefoil mix……..

Small Heaths in plenty also at this rich spot.
Whats this? Whats this? I know it’s a Frit! But
Its sort of rusty colour with white in it! It must be a oddball!
I dash all over to try and catch it for a photo, Wow
Got it, its white in one wing and part white in another.
It’s a male, it’s a cocky one, its flying into lots of others, and
Looks like its attacking them, very lively indeed, but,
What a treat before I take the seat……..