Sunday, 24 October 2010

Vismig - Sun Oct 24th 2010 - Hutton Roof, Cumbria, Sandside Nr Milnthorpe & last Burton In Kendal (Cumbria)

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Sunday October 24th 2010
Hutton Roof, Cumbria. 0730hrs-0940hrs
Wind: E - 5-8mph and then heading North.
Sandside, Nr. Milnthorpe 1000hrs-1130hrs
Burton In Kendal (from out of my Window) 1400-1808hrs.

Today started quiet, but soon became obvious around the 1000hrs that a "thrush push" was about to start, with plenty of Fieldfare parties, yet no Redwing parties. Today I had to be family chauffeur and entertain visitors, so sadly only caught a little of the "push" from distant veins instead of the "main artery". But grateful for what I did get and can't wait until tomorrow. They were still going past my window at 1808hrs this evening.

Hutton Roof, 0730hrs-0940hrs

Fieldfare: 1955 (All N or NW 25 parties - best: 200,200,400,150,100,100)
Redwing: 82 (4 parties - best 30)
Meadow Pipit: 1
Mistle Thrush: 1
Chaffinch: 72 (11W all others E)
Greenfinch: 23 (all W, best party 5,6)
Linnet: 2
Woodpigeon: 12W
Redpoll: 2
Siskin: 1E
Goldfinch: 14 (East, one party 10)
Brambling: 2W

Sandside, Nr. Milnthorpe 1000hrs-1130hrs (Was in Storth taking grandchild to his football, so decided to check out a "ancient thrush route" I used to watch about 20 plus years ago, and it did not let me down!!

Fieldfare: 3278 (All NW 34 Parties, best: 160,400,220,100,120,140,140,140,100,100,150,300,130.)
Starling:145 (All NW 6 parties, best: 40,30,30)
Long Tailed Tit: 15 NW One party)
Finch species: All NW(Chaffs or Greenies, scores!)
Woodpigeon: 88 NW (4 parties, best 30)
Goldfinch: 35 (All NW one party 25,10).

Burton In Kendal, Cumbria. (from my armchair, just looking out of the front window) 1400hrs-1808hrs. We had company, so I had to try and take interest in them whilst at the same time sneaking a look out the front!! and it was worth it!)

Fieldfare: 1360 (All NW 18 parties, best: 130,100,180,300,100 and lots of 50s..)