Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Vismig - Wed Oct 13th 2010 - Hutton Roof Cumbria - 2 Visits..

Wednesday October 13th 2010 Hutton Roof, Cumbria.
0700hrs - 1030hrs & then again later 1423hrs to 1600hrs.

Wind E 3-5mph

Redwing: 232 (again very disoriantated and going in several directions - mainly SW
Chaffinch: 190 (57W all others East)
Blackbird: 1SW
Goldfinch: 33 (all East one party 20)
GS Woodpecker: 1E
Raven: 2SW
Mistle Thrush: 4 (N)
Redpoll: 4S
Fieldfare: 21 (One party 20 W)
Meadow Pipit: 17
Siskin: 7S
Alba Wagtail 3
Linnet: 3E
Golden Plover: 1N
Common Snipe: 1SW
Woodpigeon: 2W
Skylark: 2W
LTT one party of 12 (local)
Brambling: 2S
Greenfinch: 10E one party
Starling: 332E after 0930hrs and (1330 ex roost at 0730hrs)

1423hours - 1600hours.

A good passage of Redwing all low altitude 75-150ft, Mainly SW (unmarked) but some parties NW (as shown)

Suddenly at approx 1530hours it just stopped, I think it was because the wind had changed variable and everything went still, no mipits or chaffinch also, everything went still and silent, however up until then:-

Redwing: 1272 in 97 minutes.(40,30,60,80,20,50,4,130,30NW,60,60,50,130,60NW,30,30,10,45,15,6,30,20,10,20,12,20,30NW,20NW,30NW,40NW,40NW)

Mipits: 11
Siskin: 3
Chaffinch: 2