Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Derwentwater - Keswick - Wed 16th March 2011

(Photos: top - Ruskin Memorial Near to Friar's Crag 2nd: One of Keswick's Greylags 3rd: A breeding Frog at Great Wood. 4th: A small sample of the habitat where the Frog Nurseries are at the Great Wood. 5th Looking over Strandshag Bay towards Friars Crag. Please Click over photo to enlarge and click once more if you wish to supersize.)

It was decided to go up to Keswick and check out the "frogs" at Great Wood, on the side of Derwentwater. We where not dissapointed if anything there where probably more than last year, but spread out throughout all the wet areas within the woods. This must be a top "frog nursery", because there is spawn all over the place, and you can hear the frogs calling in all directions.

Also large swarms of biting midges were out in force. I read somewhere that this year was going to be a bad year for the humans and a very good year for the midges, something to do with the snow we had this winter and how the snows kept the ground insulated for longer, causing a better incubation of the midge larvae.
Plenty of Greylags and Canadas about.