Monday, 14 March 2011

Photos GG Shrike at Dalton Crags/Hutton Roof etc.

(Top two photos shows GG Shrike on trees on the Dalton (clearing side with woodpiles). The third photo down shows a general photo of the same Dalton side with all the trees it likes to sit sentinel, and shows some of the woodpiles. The fourth photo is a area just below the Trig point which again is one of its favourites. and the fifth photo was on my way up through Dalton Crags this morning (from the Plain Quarry side). The final photo is at the Trig Point. Please click on photo to enlarge, and click once again to supersize.

This morning started early at 0610hrs with 4 Song Thrushes fighting and squabbling near to the Tanpits at Burton In Kendal.
0915hrs - 1100hrs.
Had a walk from Plain Quarry to the Hutton Roof Trig, a absolutely beautiful morning with little cloud.

Greeted with Green Woodpecker calling from just behind the Plain Quarry on the Dalton side. Buzzards circling above and the odd Raven could be heard honking. Several Chaffinches going overhead, but considered local because they where heading in various directions over the shrubby tree areas above the pavement on Dalton Crags.

On leaving the Crags and hitting the deforested area with the woodpiles, I could hear a Skylark, singing in full song, also Linnets were passing overhead, not sure but think in a North East direction.

On Common near Trig, there where several Meadow Pipits, marking territory and doing their "parachuting" displays

Great Grey Shrike was present and gave some terrific views. In the main it was seen in the Dalton area (deforested woodpile area - W or NW of the boundary wall).